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Guide on reading and using this Section on Qianjiang Porcelain

This is the most comprehensive source of information on Qianjiang porcelain on the internet.  Besides giving a brief history, more than 350 pieces of Qianjiang porcelains have been catalogued.   The pieces are displayed based on chronological order and also by artist.   Listing by date is possible as many of the pieces have cyclical date stated.   By going through the pieces in chronological order, you will be able to ultimately date a piece more accurately.  For most who do not understand chinese, finding the cyclical date is a problem.  I have  provided a table of the cyclical dates with example of the written date on porcelain.  It should facilitate recognising cyclical dates for those who are interested.  With patience and practice, one should be able to spot the cyclical date in the inscription.

I have also listed the works of some of the more accomplished qianjiang artists in a separate section.   I intend to add more examples progressively.  With enough samples, it would be a good reference source to find work by a particular qianjiang artist.  I have included samples of their signature and marks used.