Yang Yongde's Collection of Ceramics Pillows 

in Nanyue Wang Museum


The Nanyue Wang Museum houses an interesting collection of over 200 Chinese Ceramics Pillows.   They were donated by renowned Hong Kong collector, Mr. Yang Yongde and his wife Mrs. Yang Zhang Ruizhen. 

The manufacturing period of the pillow spanned Tang to Republican period.  The most interesting and stunning pieces were those from Tang/Yuan period and made in the Northern China Hebei, Henan and Shanxi kilns.  Besides those glazed in sancai colours, there were numerous examples decorated with motifs executing in a wide ranging techniques including molding, impressing, incising, carving, sgraffito and painting.  Stylistically, there are generally classified as Cizhou type wares.  To learn more about Cizhou wares, please read this.

Tang Changsha pillow decorated with floral motif in iron brown and copper green

Song/Jin Ding Pillow with floral motif executed using the sgraffito technque